Zion Off-Road Limited Warranty

Thank you for your purchase of a Z1 trailer from Zion Off-Road. We are thrilled to have you a part of the ZOR family and appreciate your support of our small business. We take great pride in our trailers and stand by their construction. As part of your purchase, we have provided the following warranty.

Limited Warranty:

Zion Off-Road LLC provides a 1-year manufacturer warranty on construction of your camper to the original owner, this warranty is nontransferable. Our warranty is limited to items manufactured by the Zion Off-Road LLC under normal use and care. All third-party accessories and products do not fall within our warranty and will not be covered. Please note that purchaser must contact Zion Off-road LLC and receive approval prior to obtaining service or repairing trailer. This contact must be made within 1 year on bill of sale. Zion Off-Road reserves the right to repair the trailer using their determined process and may use new or remanufactured parts of similar quality to complete the work.

As part of our limited warranty, we ensure that the trailer is free of substantial defects in construction, structural integrity and workmanship for a period of 1 year from date of purchase on bill of sale. In our warranty, we only cover structural defects to our workmanship. We do not include normal wear and tear such as paint chipping, paint fading, tires wear and tear, lights, etc.

In order to avoid situations where warranty claims will not pertain, you as the owner are responsible for regular care and proper maintenance of your trailer and any accessories.

Any modifications or alterations beyond the mounting of approved accessories will void the warranty of your trailer. You are responsible to ensure proper loading of accessories and that weight limits are followed. In addition, warranty claims due to operators’ negligence, misuse, abuse, improper loading, loading beyond the vehicles GVWR, accidents, acts of God, or claims due to improper storage, or any situations beyond the control of the manufacture will also void the warranty.

In order to activate your warranty, you must fill out the warranty form below within 30 days after purchase.  The one-year warranty is void if we have not received a warranty registration within 30 days of purchase of our trailer.

Activate you Warranty