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Buy the Base Trailer, Add Accessories Later.

Our bolt-on accessories can be optimized for any adventure, tailored to your preferences and hobbies. Whether you’re hunting, surfing, biking, fishing, going on a long road trip or short excursion, you can build your trailer based on on any adventure!

Buy in Stages and SAVE

We have bundled some of our most commonly installed accessories into Stages. These Stages, when purchased on a new trailer build, offer a discount when compared to buying individual accessories at a later date.
Essentially, Stages provide a starting point or foundation for you to build on!

STAGE 1 - Electrical Box Package, Front Accessory System (FAS), 2 Roof Cross Bars

Electrical Box Package, Front Accessory System (FAS), 2 Roof Cross Bars

This stage sets you on the path to building your own adventure. The Front Accessory System (FAS) is the easiest way to start your trailer in our modular ecosystem. This provides you with 4 different planes on which to mount accessories. The sides: A great spot for a propane tank or jack storage, the front: perfect as a spare tire storage or maybe some recovery boards, and the top: a nice spot for a storage box or a place to store some extra fuel. This includes two (2) FAS Mounting Plates.

The two heavy duty, adjustable Roof Cross Bars allow any oversized object to be mounted on the roof, perfect for kayaks, paddle boards, or roof mounted mountain bikes.

The Electrical Box package unlocks all of the trailers electrical capabilities, allowing for a much more user-friendly camping experience. While not needed for camping, it comes in handy for those late-night bathroom breaks when exterior lighting is wanted. This includes a single 12V Group 31, Lead-acid, deep cycle marine battery.

See what the Stage 1 looks like HERE.

Stage 1 Price $2,295 — Saving $255
Total Trailer Price: $15,195

STAGE 2 - Off-Road Fender, Off-Road Tires, 2 SAS Mounting Plates, 6 Jack Mounts, and 1 Additional Jack

Stage 2 includes everything in Stage 1, as well as the Off-Road Fender, Off-Road tires, 2 Side Accessory System (SAS) Mounting Plates, 6 Jack Mounts, and 1 Additional Jack

The bigger and beefier Off-Road Fender allows you to fit our 31.5in BFG K02 wheel & tire giving you more clearance and tougher tires to handle the most difficult trails with ease, allowing you to camp further off grid than ever before.

2 Side Accessory System (SAS) Mounting Plates can be mounted on the sides of the FAS. We’ll use one for 2 of the Jack Mounts as storage, the other mounting plate is up to you!

The 4 other jack mounts will be mounted on the 4 corners of your trailer for when finding flat ground in extreme locations is impossible. Using the jack included with the base trailer as well as the additional one here, you’re able to easily level your trailer when it’s time for bed.

See what the Stage 2 looks like HERE.

2024 Stage 2 Price $4,359 — Saving $491
Total Trailer Price: $17,259

STAGE 3 - 2 Side Accessory System (SAS), Front Steps, Rear Steps, and a Custom Queen Mattress

Stage 3 includes everything in Stages 2 and 1, as well as 2 SAS (one set for each side), Front Steps, Rear Steps, and a Custom Queen Mattress.

The 2 Side Accessory Systems (SAS) offer even more mounting options for your Accessories. With the same dimensions as the side of the FAS, this allows accessories to be interchangeable, letting you optimize your build depending on your hobbies or adventures, even if they change over time! Each SAS includes two (2) SAS Mounting Plates each! What you mount on them is up to you!

The Front and Rear Steps integrate seamlessly into our Off-Road Fender, allowing easier access to the roof and a cleaner overall look. They also act as brush guards, pushing sticks and bushes out of the way of the tire and your Trailer.

To top it off, we added a custom Queen Mattress!

See what the Stage 3 looks like HERE.

2024 Stage 3 Price $5,805 — Saving $745
Total Trailer Price: $18,705

STAGE 4 - Timbren Suspension, Cooler Slide, Ladder, 2 Roof Cross Bars, Spare Tire, and Spare Tire Holder

Stage 4 includes everything in Stages 3,2, and 1, as well as an upgraded Timbren Independent Suspension, Cooler Slide, Ladder, 2 additional Roof Cross Bars, Spare Wheel & Tire, and Spare Tire Holder.

This stage is for those who truly want the most capable and functional trailer possible. The Timbren Independent Suspension offers much more ground clearance and a smoother ride compared to our base suspension. Brakes can be added for an additional $500.

The cooler slide, mounted in the galley, allows easy access for your cooler. It’s designed for a YETI 45L but anything similar size should fit. If you have questions, give us a call!

The additional 2 Roof Cross Bars (bringing your total up to 4) allows for even the heaviest rooftop tents to be mounted. And the included side ladder makes accessing the roof even easier than before.

The full-size spare tire will give you the peace-of-mind in those remote locations that a flat tire won’t damper your camping experience.

See what the Stage 4 looks like HERE.

2024 Stage 4 Price $8,755 — Saving $1,000
Total Trailer Price: $21,655

STAGE 5 - 270° Awning, Electric Brakes, Lithium Battery, Lock-N-Roll Hitch, SAS Mini, Rock Lights, Trim Guards

Stage 5 includes everything in Stages 4,3,2, and 1, as well as a 23Zero 270 degree Awning, Lock-N-Roll Articulating Hitch, Electric Brakes, SAS Mini, Rock Lights, 4 additional SAS Mounting plates, 4 Carabiner Hooks, Trim Guards, and a Renogy Lithium Battery.

This Stage is for those that want to take their trailer to the next level. A 23Zero 270 degree awning offers incredible amount of protection against the elements and folds into a compact size. 270 degrees means it opens to fully cover the rear galley of the trailer.

Electric Brakes are also included on the Timbren Independent Suspension to help the trailer feel more secure when driving down the highway and provide a lot of stability when off-roading where the extra weight of a decked-out trailer can be better managed. -Requires Brake Controller-

A Lock-N-Roll Articulating hitch provides 3 axis of movement including 360 degrees of rotation allowing your tow vehicle and trailer to be at different angles in relation to each other. Necessary for more technical roads or trails. The 30in extended shank is also ideal for clearing a tailgate or a jeeps large rear door.

Our Side Accessory System Mini, or SAS Mini for short, mounts to the exterior trim on the top and the off-road fender on the bottom and provides you with another modular mounting location for all your gear and accessories.

4 additional SAS Mounting Plates, a 4 pack of Carabiner Hooks are also included for more utility.

A pair of powder coated and raptor lined Trim Guards are bolted to the front trim to help protect and reflect against any rocks thrown up by your tow vehicle.

Rock Lights underneath the trailer provide you the ability to place your trailer tires more strategically on technical trails and offer amazing camping lights that offer a more subtle glow when hanging out around your campsite in low-light conditions.

Finally, a Renogy 100ah Smart Lithium Battery. This battery sits at a higher voltage and has ore usable capacity than a more traditional lead-acid battery, perfect for running a fridge or for longer off-grid trips. It also shaves off nearly 40lbs of weight.

See what the Stage 5 looks like HERE.

2024 Stage 5 Price $12,000 — Saving $1,225
Total Trailer Price: $24,900

Our Vendors

We are happy to include products from our vendors on your trailer build. Reach out directly if you have any questions!

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